I plan to go miles for smiles; to take time to travel and give time to volunteer.

The daydream has become a reality; for the past 18 months, I’ve wanted to break free from the dream career that had lost its lustre to travel the globe.  I have wanderlust, pure and simple, however, I want to slow travel and live a little in each community, not fly through a whistle stop tour.  Volunteering is the best way to meet the locals and ‘give a little back’.

Yes, I did worry that ‘travelling’ is only for the gap year university student or the twenty-something extrovert.  And I was wary that friends and family would think I’ve transformed into the preconceived stereotypical 60’s style hippy or foolishly chasing the next daydream.  Then I remembered that truly cheesy saying ‘you only get one shot at this thing they call life’ and I thought ‘why the hell not, what’s stopping me?’

Wanderlust can happen to anyone, at any point of their life and should you be in a position to take advantage of it.  Then do it and don’t rush.  After much research and deliberation; I am finally doing it!  I have no end date in mind; I have my savings and my freelance virtual business.  First continent – Europe.

Here you’ll find route updates, detailed volunteering experiences – what better way to access and gain insight into the country culture, live with the residents and support them in their cause, their business or their family.  Plus highlights from my touristic travels along the way.

Most importantly, if you are like minded, I will be sharing recommendations and advice for all over 40 travelling volunteers with the same wanderlust and volunteering spirit.