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Great photo for a ‘phone camera click-and-go girl’

I’m not a DSLR or long lens type; I’ve not got the attention span to use a camera to its full potential.  However I have challenged myself with 3 top tips for phone photography that the good folk at Hub Spot blog recommended.

Find different perspectives

Take photos from a unique, unexpected angle can make them more memorable.  I like this.  To make something unusual out from what could be ‘the norm’.  Basically, I need to stop with the straight on ‘click and go’.

Look for symmetry 

Symmetry can be defined as “a vague sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance.”  Very pleasing on the eye; naturally comforting and satisfying.  We humans have a penchant for it.  Maximise this in my photos and it will soothe my ocd tendencies too.

Take candids

I don’t take many photos of people, I don’t pose well in front of cameras therefore err away from requesting others do.  However, I can take candid shots of people doing things, or people with people.

Hopefully, the aim is to capture the emotion and essence of a moment.  I’m told one of the best ways to capture this kind of shot is to just take as many photos as possible.  Maybe the burst function will finally help me!

Well this blog is my gallery and lets see how I fare over the next 3 months.


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