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The time has come to leave my beloved London

I’d aimed for 4 years to ensure I gave the city that’d I struggled to move to, a real chance to impress me.  And boy it did!  I stayed for more than double the time and will be back.  I believe the juxtaposition of me being anonymous in a crowd appeals to the extroverted introvert in me.

Being surrounded by action, not necessarily drama, is so intriguing.  How different our lives are, how caught up in our own busy that no one really acknowledges each other but hey ‘it’s London’.

Yet, when the bus drivers change or the route ends early without notice, we will grumble or tut as one then promptly forget anything happened when back on a moving bus again.  ‘It’s London’.

Once you have seen a West End show then this really is the gold standard.  I have seen many and only 1 or 2 have failed to shine.  One actor already received many bad reviews that I’ll not add to his list but I could see how the magic of TV editing promoted his acting abilities to a much higher level than that I saw one Wednesday night.

I think I’ll have London withdrawal symptoms, I am so excited to explore the pictures of travel websites and books.  Ever so specifically excited about traveling by train through many European mountainous regions.  Saying…. to travel experience etc it’s me 

The day dreamer in me, my ‘Joey world’* a good old friend would refer to as, loves watching the glorious green world sweep by my window.  

I will sell as much as I could bear, like my mum, I am a keeper of stuff.  Books, pictures and momentos will be safely tucked away for a future reliving.

I am researching to the nth degree, I do this without complaint and positively enjoy it.  My first 2 objectives – source the first volunteer placement and create the basis of this blog site.

Wish me luck

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