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The pros and cons of holiday volunteering

What is holiday volunteering?

An individual or group wants to provide their time and skills for no financial gain.  For their own personal or career development, may be, but mainly for the warm and fuzzies.
The individual takes time from their student or work life to support usually 1 week to 3 months.  Paying for their own flights, travel and visas.  Contributing towards accommodation and food in the host country and community.
Projects around the globe are in need of help.  There are many countries struggling with a variety of issues.  Each individual can choose what they feel is right for them such as construction projects, childcare, medical and health, wildlife and conservation to name a few.
The time is also a holiday so the individuals get to meet the people and really experience a culture.
  • 3rd party organisations introduce you, the volunteer, to the host country charity or foundation
  • Affordable for all ages
  • Safety and responsibility is key – host charities or community projects have been checked
  • Many countries and causes
  • Fun and ‘working’
  • Meeting like minded people of all backgrounds and ages
  • majority of volunteers will students on a summer break or gap year – not to put you off but check the accommodation situation and the demographic of a group before you book
  • scheduled with less freedom if you feel confident to simply travel and find who you can help when at your destination *language skills essential
I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 trips with IVHQ in Lima and Ho Chi Minh City.  Both had pros and cons but ultimately I encourage you to give some time if you can!
IVHQ Green Lion group

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