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Rowan’s rough route – first 5 months

Trying to plan a general route with so many opportunities and places I want to see is hard but my aims are to travel slowly, volunteer and meet people – both locals and other travellers.

Here’s a really rough route but more updates to follow whilst I’m literally on the road.

I am so pleased to confirm 4 pre-booked volunteer projects and these are exciting to look forward to and plan a basic route around:

Chateau de Jalesnes view

Renovations, possibly a little marketing but mainly outside projects in the sunny Loire Valley @ www.chateaudejalesnes.com






Anglo ville logo

Teaching English in immersive courses just outside Warsaw, Poland end of July and Prague, Czech Republic end of August with ww.angloville.com.


Bringing the ‘ole’ hotel skills back out to help at www.alpenretreat.com in alpenretreat snowAustria. Digital marketing, reservations, food service and, no doubt, a little bit of housekeeping.  A couple hours a day helping out all whilst being surrounded by the serenity of the snow-capped Alps.  Can’t wait!




I hope it’ll be snowy in October but unlikely to be as much as in this photo.  Packing is proving to be challenging!

More volunteering to be confirmed and enjoyed whilst I’m in each location as well my touristic travel updates plus hostel & Airbnb experiences or maybe I’ll treat myself to a hotel!

Rough route below for my first 5 months, June to October, although I am sure this will change 🙂

Chateau de Jalesnes France
Tours France
Paris France
Luxembourg City Luxembourg
Frankfurt Germany
Munich Germany
Vienna Austria
Bratislava Slovenia
Warsaw Poland
Krakow Poland
Budapest Hungary
Prague Czech
Innsbruck Austria
Nasserei Austria
Vaduz Liechtenstein
Glacier Express Switzerland

8 thoughts on “Rowan’s rough route – first 5 months”

  1. Vaduz wasn’t great, would recommend staying in Feldkirch Austria, and getting the local bus (you’ll need to change in Shaan). Feldkirch is beautiful.
    In Vaduz the mini train is fun, and you can do a wine tasting at the princes vineyard.
    What’s the rough date for Luxembourg? Would love to meet up there x


  2. Hi Roman!
    Just read this, noticed you’re going to Innsbruck in Austria, my friend lives in Salzburg so if you fancied a day or two there she is lovely and is a good tour guide and I think has a spare room. Just let me know and I can get you in contact with her 🙂
    Jess (Debbie’s cousin)


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