Travel, update

Day 43 – Rowan is in the diary room

*for all you UK Big Brother watchers, insert own Marcus Bentley voice circa 2007

Well I never, how did 42 days fly by!?! I thought I’d do a quick update on me, in a homage to Bridget Jones’ Diary.

every train journey across the continent
arriving in new places
red wine
You Tube and mobile phone technology – Google maps!

Plastic cheese

smoked Applewood and Cathedral City cheeses
having 2 hot vegetables on the plate next to your meat and potatoes
watching TV in one very long, very hot bath

Breakages and lost property
1 locked padlock from day 1 but determined to crack it
1 broken smart phone screen in week 2
1 trousers split by ‘gracefully’ sitting on the grass
1 UK continental adapter left on the TGV in week 3
1 set of bruises due to slipping comically in the shower in week 3
2 pair of knickers due to slack elastic

Backpack weight reduction (slow progress)
knickers and trousers chucked – refer to above
shorts binned – why did I pack them?

Cigarettes smoked
20 – red wine induced – weeks 1 & 2
0 – gimme a whoop – week 3 to 6
15 – fell off the wagon as I found a shop in Warsaw that sold Marlboro Ice Blast week 7

Glasses of red drunk
Too many to count, every one delicious, even the unexpected Swiss wine

all I will say is “uh oh!”

Favourite city so far
Ljubjlana, Slovenia!

Next destinations

Because I’ll soon need bigger pants due food consumption not otherwise; this Monday’s resolutions

  • focus on the protein – eMeggs and ham for breakfast
  • research cheap fresh fruit and vegetable shops
  • eat at vegetarian restaurants if they exist in these meat eating countries
  • buy the 1.5-litre bottle of water and actually drink it
  • do not read the dessert page of the restaurant menu
  • learn to love stairs

I hope you’re with me.  Paris blog will be up tomorrow!  Happy Monday everyone 🙂  


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