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Interrailing – cost saving or not?

There was no way of knowing exactly which would give me the best flexibiity, comfort, ease of booking…. and of course, cost.

Travel by train from Europe’s liveliest cities to its quaintest villages. The Interrail Global Pass is the only travel pass that lets you ride on trains in 30 different countries!

✔ No payment booking fees
✔ Unlimited travel in up to 30 countries at your own pace
✔ 1 outbound and 1 inbound journey in your country of residence included
✔ Now includes the Eurostar train between Brussels, Paris and London!

You can choose your destination ahead of time or go with the flow…the website has loads of information per country about the specific benefits and available methods of transport:

Austria Great Britain Poland
Belgium Greece Portugal
Bosnia-Herzegovina Hungary Romania
Bulgaria Ireland Serbia
Croatia Italy Slovakia
Czech Republic Luxembourg Slovenia
Denmark Macedonia Spain
Finland Montenegro Sweden
France Netherlands Switzerland
Germany Norway

SNCF logoThe option to book a ticket 2 or 3 days prior to my travelling date via the specific country rail or website online. The one-way single in 2nd class would include the seat reservation and I would have an online debit transaction as if I was using back home.

The table below shows my route, I would have loved to create a map for you but proved to be a pain in the proverbial.

Drum roll, please…..It was a success!!

Interrail cost comparison.jpg

I paid a total of 356.75 Euro compared to what could have been as much as 589.00 Euro.

An average price per journey of 50.96 Euro including the seat reservation; only higher than the cost to travel Warsaw to Krakow.

I would even recommend the 1st class global pass for the next time I InterRail.  The variation of train quality, the popularity of a service or route is unpredictable and the benefits of large seats, more space, definitely no ‘bun fighting’ over seats in peak hours and foreign languages.  This didn’t happen but food for thought.  It feels like the additional cost of the 1st class InterRail ticket is worth it.

Especially as the seat reservation fees were no different for 99% of the services I was checking before buying.

If you have only 4 weeks holiday in a year, consider Interrailing!  You can choose one country or go global as I did.  The passes vary in duration and no. of travelling days.  Plus there are in-country benefits for ferries, hotels, apartments, hostels, and attractions.

If you have a Flexi Pass, you take advantage of free benefits on dates written in the travel calendar on my Interrail ticket.  These are the 7 dates written and stamped on my pass as an example.


If you opt for a Continuous Pass, you can take advantage of all benefits on any day your Interrail Pass is valid.

Overall benefits for young and old!!

  • You can change your plans and take the next train if you want to explore somewhere and stay a bit longer
  • When you want the peace of mind that if you miss a train you can simply take the next convenient one
  • You the freedom to meander around a country or the whole of Europe without a fixed timetable
  • The pass can offer a major saving especially on long journeys and during high season

I look forward to hearing about your train travels across Europe very soon!

If you click and purchase on either of the links, I do gain a little (I do mean mini) commission which will more than likely go towards more train travel.  Trust I wouldn’t recommend anything I would not use or book myself!  Have fun.

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