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Day 100 – Rowan is back in that diary room

Can you bloody believe it?  HOW DID 100 DAYS PASS?  Deliberate caps lock and my surprised Oscar winning face folks!  I’m in a little shock that this much time has passed, it definitely doesn’t feel like I’ve been away from the UK that long.  A little look down memory lane with a few scores on the doors…Surprised Rowan!
  • exploring towns without map in hand
  • people watching
  • trains are still the best
  • understanding East/Central European history a little better; in my defense, a lot has happened
  • friendly people are out there!
  • I’m not sold by the potato ‘dumpling’, such solid starch is a no no
  • tourists that walk 4 or more in a row
  • anyone on the pavement that wants me to dodge them when I’m wearing 2 backpacks you can do one
  • selfie sticks
  • hostel room buddies that say they are cold but are wearing no clothes
  • sales calls from the UK.  I hope it costs them when I pick up
  • bloody flying bugs near me when I’m eating!
  • this could be a long list of vegetables so I’ll highlight the top 2 I miss at time of writing… broccoli and peas
  • UK sarcasm.  I got a fix from some AngloVille fellow native volunteers but going through a dry spell at the mo
Every day is a school day
  • how to pee with a huge backpack on
  • turn a top back to front, duh daaa!
  • a better fringe cutter than ever
Breakages and lost property
  • 6 weeks of tendonitis in foot is better than a break I s’ppose (you can imagine the bottom lip)
  • lost money grrrr, forgetting to cancel a hostel in the cancellation time frame but pleading ignorance and apology didn’t work!
  • one lost sock was eventually inevitable
Backpack weight reduction
  • does the lost sock count?
My elixirs and the smoking slippery slope
  • two more AngloVille’s since my 43-day blog so yes, wine, so much red wine, lots of the delicious consumed.  The Czech stuff out of a box was actually ok
  • based on a Dulux colour chart I’m happy with the tan, long may it stay, thank you sunshine!  I would hazard a guess at sandalwood to pecan to almond and vanilla for those vampire parts of me that never see daylight
  • if you were a doctor – 1/2 a ciggie a day

Weight wishful shrinking

  • well I never, I can now eventually fit into my cropped trousers, not even an elastic waist!
  • I cannot consider my walking every day as exercise because the pace would is more of a meander.  On the road exercise hmmm…. a morning cat stretch, the occasional calf stretch especially on a step or escalator and the one and only yoga class we did at AngloVille Wroclaw.  Bad state of affairs really!
Number of destinations visited – 20 excluding day trips out and about
Number of train seats excluding buses, metros and trams 28
Number of beds – 25 I think… [insert winky emoticon]
Volunteering – 14 days at the French Chateau, 21 days with AngloVille in Poland and the Czech Republic and on my way to 30 days at a yoga retreat in Austria.  Such fun!
Where next in my magical mystery tour….
  • Nuremberg
  • Rothenberg ob der Tauber
  • Fussen
  • Innsbruck
  • Nassereith
Rowan’s route changes are too many to add up and how did I do with day 43 resolutions…. like any resolution, a complete failure 
  • eat at vegetarian restaurants if they exist
  • buy the 1.5 litre bottle of water and drink it
  • do not read the dessert page of the restaurant menu
  • learn to love stairs
As a creature of habit, let’s see if any of the above actually changes in Autumn!  Not forgotten you, hope all is fabulous wherever you are.  See you at 150 days 😉

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