About Rowan

The volunteer voyager; 40 years young and a world that needs exploring.  A little more romantic than you’d expect when first meeting me.


I love the expanse and diversity of cultures; the variety of infrastructure and architecture, of coastal landscape or mountainous countryside, of fashion and tradition – yet all in this same said world.  How wonderful that I am from a generation whom can see images galore of these far-flung destinations online then within hours, travel almost everywhere on this planet by car, boat, train and plane.

It feels right that I head off on an adventure.  This website is an insight into my own little world within the big wide world.

A fear and indecisiveness has held me back for over 18 months – am I too old?  What responsibilities do I have at home?  What will happen when I come back to reality?  Do I have to ‘come back’?  What is that reality?  Will I make it for longer than a year?  What do I do with my ‘stuff’?  So many questions.

We all want to work to live and yet the industry I once loved meant I did quite the opposite.  Admitting that the dream job isn’t a dream is hard.  The daydream for the last 2-3 years was to travel more and finally I have challenged myself to completely jump in and explore Europe before those pesky visas fees come in to place.

This is a big task for me as I like to plan and yet the relaxed attitude to ‘slow travel’ is taking time and relish the ‘now’.  I’m not trying to squeeze in as many cities and countries into 12 months but connect with the locals and the sites and sounds.  This is also taking me out of my comfort zone as I am rubbish at any other language but English.  Let alone the fact I am an extroverted introvert and can easily get caught up in my own company.

This leads me to volunteering – to meet people, to give help where needed in exchange for an insight into country life.  A fun and positive way to engage with community residents.  Why I do I volunteer?  A genetic disposition to give a little back.  Don’t think I am Mother Theresa; the simplicity of volunteering is making and giving your time.

Call it middle aged madness although Google considers middle age 45-65, so I’m not there yet.  Call it not being able to grow up, of which we all have our own interpretation.  Call it what you will; thankfully I have the freedom to do this, I am excited by the prospects ahead of me and thank you for joining me as I share the adventure with you.


Cartoon world map