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Talking to myself on another Lyon level

I did it before but only behind closed doors. Talking to myself that is. I suddenly realised I was walking down a street, speaking at normal volume and playing both parts of a conversation. I've only been travelling solo for 3 and a half weeks! The tendency was great I s'pose; my easy way to control thoughts and actions - highly recommend it. Talking to yourself that is.

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ah mais oui Paree…*insert own French accent

Why has it taken me so long to visit one of the closest country capitals of the world to London?  Who knows, not me.  Wherever you live in the UK, it is simple to travel to Paris whether the French like it or not. You can opt for flying via many UK cities, a short… Continue reading ah mais oui Paree…*insert own French accent

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Chateau Life

My travels have started and although I didn't go far, a short 283 miles as the crow flies to the Chateau de Jalesnes just outside the village of Vernantes and the town of Saumur.  I have had the best first 2 weeks!  I came with no expectations and I'm more willing to go with the flow than most but oh yes, the Chateau life is one I could get used to. Impressive place and so lucky with my HelpX companions.