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Whatever your daydream… if I can do it, you can do it!

I'm back in the UK over 5 weeks now.  How?  What?  When did that happen?  How to describe this feeling, it's surely unique.  Returning first to London and then Redditch, the latter being the place I grew up during teenage years and excessive twenties but I couldn't say I'm fond of the place.

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POP QUIZ – Can you guess how many territories and countries that drive on the right side of the road… that’s on the LEFT if you’re unsure

Even after nearly a year of crossing the road with traffic on the 'other side of the road', I still have no idea of my current Green Cross Code and end up crossing roads frantically looking left and right confused. Rightly so, some drivers are crazy unpredictable. Surprisingly the internet has varying numbers of who… Continue reading POP QUIZ – Can you guess how many territories and countries that drive on the right side of the road… that’s on the LEFT if you’re unsure

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The Volunteer Voyager presents their first movie night

It has been fun watching movies set in the cities I've been travelling. Thank you to my VPN technology. Some were a completely new viewing when in the city whilst I have also included a few firm favourites that highlight European delights. It's Monday, what better way to spend a quiet night in recovering from… Continue reading The Volunteer Voyager presents their first movie night

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Graffiti – art, statement or defiance?

I surprised myself. I was actually angry about it. I knew it is the result of a culmination of factors but this gawd damn graffiti pissed me right off. Is it right to deface your public environment? Is it defacing? It certainly didn't feel hip or edgy to me and I am clearly both of… Continue reading Graffiti – art, statement or defiance?

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A blog should be honest and a help exchange cannot always be the perfect match

Why have I been off the grid except for sporadic Instagram and Facebook posts?  I'd left the stark and soulless Innsbruck youth hostel with too high an expectation of a help exchange in the mountains; positive, serene, calm and hopefully laughter filled guest house running yoga courses.  Boy, was I in for a surprise.  After 23 days, I can say easily say the hosts are generous of spirit; opening their home and providing food and accommodation but there were a few too many times when I felt like the hired help and to coin a blogger's phrase, this can be considered part 'thought piece'.  My time in the Tyrolean mountains has been a slow 3 weeks.  I left grateful for my fellow volunteers, mattress, the mountain views, the unexpected sunshine and my food but with a quandary; should HelpX or Workaway hosts explain their religious or spiritual sway?  

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100ml Zurich? I think you have forgotten some of my wine

I've been a bad blogger, time flies during the good times and apathy descended when limpy [hurt my foot] or in a man-flu sick bed.  Playing serious catch-up!  Firstly, "Oh Switzerland, if only you were more in my price bracket!" and secondly, “as always, are you sitting comfortably?”.

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Talking to myself on another Lyon level

I did it before but only behind closed doors. Talking to myself that is. I suddenly realised I was walking down a street, speaking at normal volume and playing both parts of a conversation. I've only been travelling solo for 3 and a half weeks! The tendency was great I s'pose; my easy way to control thoughts and actions - highly recommend it. Talking to yourself that is.