International opportunities

Where do you start?  I have been in your shoes; so many websites to review, read and compare.  This can be a daunting time consuming task for one country, let alone if you are considering travelling through continents with no end date in mind.

I endeavour to cut through the mass of information to provide you an overview of the best opportunities and supply you with helpful links.  Giving you the time to decide what’s best for you and your travel; be it a short 2 week adventure or a #slowtravel year in the sun.

As my blog evolves, I will add more websites, highlights and details.  Plus my personal experiences and recommendations.  Right now, I have focused on:

Help Exchange


VSO – Volunteer Service Overseas

NGO – Non-governmental organisations

Teaching English

House & Pet Sitting

National government schemes country by country

I will focus on opportunities for the 40 plus age bracket as is my experience.  Many organisations cater for the standard student age range or cap their opportunities to volunteers with a maximum age of 35.

I’ll highlight those organisations I’m in conversation with directly if they don’t as yet work with the maturer traveler.

If you have any questions about travel and working abroad, feel free to ask me in the comments.