House and pet sitting

Want to set up base in a location for more than 2 weeks, house and pet sitting can be ideal for you as a traveler.

Especially if you’re helping a family who need their extended animal family looked after or don’t want to leave their home unoccupied for a long duration.

The best known and most recommended website to register with is Trusted Housesitters.

Home and pet owners need holidays too!  Unfortunately both can be put off by the thought of leaving their property long-term and even worse, putting animals into kennels or the cattery.  Plus the website includes horses, some smaller farm animals or reptiles.

The animals don’t need, or couldn’t, manage the upheaval of a new location, not really knowing what is happening.  The home owners don’t always want to be restricted to a 2 week holiday because they’d be worried about an empty house.

Home and pet owners can sign up, they profile their residence and extended pet family, stating when they need a sitter by date.  Include images, basic location information and useful additions such as wifi, proximity of shops and restaurants, possible use of the owners car.

Home/pet owners sign up free of charge and for potential sitters, it is really easy to become a member from £7.42/month based a one year membership.  Following sign up, the potential sitter can contact and apply for the ‘sits’ they are interested in.  The website allows house/pet owners and sitter to build rapport, email and encourages video calls too.

Additional is also well liked especially as the cost is considerably lower at $20 per sitter sign up.