UK opportunities

There are thousands of UK opportunities available to fit every like and interest

Whether its a national charity or a local social action venture they need your support. Many organisations continue to run solely due to the services of volunteers.

Set aside any assumptions you have made that volunteering is only for charity shops and youth clubs.  You need to find the best fit for you.  You will have a connection with one or two causes more than others, for example:

Sports / Arts & culture / Youth / Crisis / Animals / Victim Support / Conservation / Addiction / Elderly / Medicine and Research / Faith

Your skills, interests and personality can impact and benefit any social action venture, national or local charities or your small community centre.  If you don’t know where to find the right volunteer opportunity for you, I recommend the following dedicated volunteering database websites.

Most will provide you a search engine to identify your location and radius of travel, your interests and the causes you feel passionate about, your availability, not only the skills you can offer but also what skills you wish to gain plus the activities you enjoy.  Press go and the database will provide you with multiple options of where you and your time can help!

The UK’s national volunteering database is an easy to use tool to promote or find volunteer opportunities in your community. lists over 1 million volunteering opportunities that are posted by volunteer centres, national/local charities and voluntary groups.

Personally, can you believe it, I found sometimes I had too much choice!  I recommend you be as specific as possible in the advanced search.  This can really drill down what you connect with; be this being a social media guru for a charity or a business mentor, an administrator or sports coach.  I’ve compiled a list of what volunteer opportunity titles exist to really highlight what you can do.

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations is better known as the NCVO with a focus on England-wide opportunities.

Over 12,500 voluntary and community sector members, NCVO has an extensive reach to people and organisations seeking to achieve social change.  They promote a network of England-wide network of Volunteer Centres (sometimes known as volunteer bureaux or volunteer development agencies) promoting and enabling volunteering and community involvement.  The search is based on your preferred postcode and will provide you with all the Centre options close to you and the contact info/website for more detailed local information.

The national centre for Scotland is and for Wales  Both websites offer a more rounded search engine and filter for opportunities within the country.

Join In runs volunteering projects as a legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Contact them to find out about how to get involved with local sporting and community projects.

Join In is part of the Sport and Recreation Alliance. The Sport and Recreation Alliance are leading a group of partners that will continue to build on the legacy of sports volunteering.

These partners include volunteering opportunity finder, social enterprise leisure operator GLL, wellbeing insight agency Jump, volunteer management system VolunteerKinetic and volunteering charity Volunteering Matters.

Officially launched in February 2000 as a website advertising jobs within the charity sector.  It has become, and remains, the largest and biggest website to search for new employment vacancies at local, national and international charities.  This results in long standing relationships with charities promoting ALL vacancies and this includes volunteer opportunities too.  Click on the and refine your search with the menu of filters.

You may have concerns over your availability or what you can offer, you may be nervous to introduce yourself on your own or unsure what to expect.  Don’t worry, everyone can feel a little apprehensive of the unknown however the organisation you contact will be so very grateful for your taking the time to get in touch.

Identify what do you like to do, it should go without saying, volunteering must be fun and of interest to you!  Use the websites above to search opportunities local to your office or home.

Search today, don’t delay.  You can make an immediate impact and I guarantee you will feel the ‘warm and fuzzy’ reward for getting involved!