Asia as a whole is just too large to digest as one travel “destination”.  Even defining the borders of the continent is difficult – from mountains around the Black Sea westwards, to snow fields of Siberia in the east.

Mount Everest, the world’s highest point, lies within Asia soaring at 8,848m (29,028 ft) above sea level.  As well as the lowest point at the Dead Sea, whose surface is 400m (1,312 ft) below sea level.

Asia offers a diversity of travel options.  From ultra modern, largely democratic countries like Japan and Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.  To extremely poor countries such as Afghanistan, Laos and East Timor where the people struggle to get rice each day.

The powerhouses of China and India make wonderful travel destinations in themselves due to their long history, country size and diversity of culture.

Thailand has been a magnet for travelers for years; with great food, a tropical climate, fascinating culture, and great beaches.

Lastly, Communist North Korea, perhaps the most oppressive regime in the world, has no travel freedom and constant monitoring by the government.