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Intrepid Travel is my favourite of the tour operators offering group solo travel.  I can only be an advocate and say, do it – book it!  I’ve loved every trip and experienced nothing but fun with the groups I’ve joined.  “I really should apply to be a champion for them.”

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Time is your most precious resource, especially on a holiday.  Their tours are well thought out – sometimes you only have a week to include the destination highlights but they endeavour to include what is off the beaten path.  The group guide is local and knows the hidden galleries, best street food and real life experiences that we all want to witness.

The smaller groups of average 12 make it easier to move around from sight to sight or hotel to restaurant.  Plus a group of strangers become travel companions quite quickly with 12.

My biggest ‘pro’ is that the demographic of the groups is usually so diverse.  My travel companion experience has been from 18 to 70 in years yet with the same zest for travel.  I love that I can check this before booking although I have every confidence the company attracts like-minded individuals.  My past holiday groups have included the youngest traveler in their teens to an Octogenarian.  No offence if you’re in one of these groups but its nice to be child-free, sometimes couple-free and definitely not a coach-load of Brits.

The company uphold sustainable travel and respect for the country and the people.  Why would you want to damage what we’ve spent hours traveling to see.  In some countries, the tour will also visit a project supported by the Intrepid Travel Foundation.

A brilliant portfolio of trips and choice.  May it be activity, location, duration and budget.  I had the Russian Highlights earmarked as my next trip however paused currently as my longer slow travel daydream has become a reality.  I will be back though, can’t highly recommend enough!

Lastly, the website is fantastically smooth to use.  Filter by location, duration, theme and style of tour.  The wealth of information in the tour itineraries will answer extensive frequently asked questions, so all you’ll need to do is click ‘book’.

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